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Planning update 29-2-16

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Two months and 4 days to go before I leave for Aus.

It's just me now. will i cope on my own? the answer is a resounding YES

Planning is nearly complete - researched where to start.

Melbourne to Port Augusta and then the outback. Flinders range and then to Maree and take my first unsealed road along the Oondanatta trail and south lake Eyre. Once there it's a 600km trip through iconic outback stops at Williams Creek and the Pink roadhouse - I gather the burgers are amazing. This will give me the 4x4 experience needed for the Gibb River road in the Kimberley.

Everything in theory is in place, including satellite system, personal emergency locator, diabetic supplies and eyesight is fixed (cataract ops) - but I am taking a flexible attitude. No rush to do this, can just take it as it comes and take some amazing pictures.

Also many thanks to the guides I found online, Kimberley Australia Link text here...and Travel Outback Australia Link text here...