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Preparation and Planning no 1

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the 4x4
Preparation and Planning no 1

3 months away from home and work and everything that I am comfortable with. Is that exciting -damn right it is

Comfortable - I realised I had to travel as I'm 59 and I need to know how I will cope with being uncomfortable. I have been uncomfortable in work and have always got through it. Or did I - well I am still employed, so the answer is a likely yes, but I will be so far out of my comfort zone that I am researching, researching and doing more research..

Imagine you are on the Tanami Track between Alice Springs and Halls Creek. It is said to be 1050km long and it is a dirt track through a dessert. The guide says this is a pretty easy drive, but you need lots of fuel and water as there is a stretch of some 700km where there is nothing. This will be exciting and uncomfortable

I want to get out into the wild where there is no one but the two of us (Chloe and me) and watch the sunsets and sunrises come and go. i want to listen to foreign sounds and peace and quiet. I want to see amazing scenery, and I want to take great photos of it all.

Well, I am going to do this.

I have bought the tickets, hired the 4x4, and I know where we are going - roughly

Melbourne - Camberwell Hockey club- Alice Springs - Ayers rock or Uluru, the Kimberly, Halls Creek, Broome, Derby, the Bungle Bungle, Mitchell Falls, Cape Leveque, the Top End, Darwin, Kakadu, (Northern Territory), Cape York, the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, the Blue Mountains and back to Melbourne.

Time - 3 months in a 4x4 (see pic above - it is something like the 2nd from the right) - so this is a glorified camping trip and I reckon we will learn as we go along. But hey there is no rush. if we like a place we could stay for days if not weeks.... there is no pressure to go anywhere or be anywhere.

WOW - this is the feeling I want to experience. to get away from the routine, the clock watching the court timetables, the need to time record at work.

Still a while to go before we leave, but this blog is a record for myself and friends so that I remember the details ( it's an age thing), and friends and family know we are safe - Bye for now..Chris

PS - Oh and thanks to Australian 4wd hire for the pic, who you should use if you want a 4x4...find them here...